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Beginners Course: Spirit ART Portraits for Mediumship

SPIRIT ART COURSE For Fledgling Developing Mediums *** An Essential Taster SPIRIT PORTRAIT Course if you want to learn how to draw Spirit Faces and apply Mediumship. Great Tutorials, Lectures with Structured Exercises allowing you to follow along. No prior experience necessary. COURSE 2 - REGISTER NOW Limited Online Classroom Seats Book yours by registering your interest to TASTER COURSES View the Website PSYCHIC ART WORKSHOPS SPIRIT ART WORKSHOPS MEDIUMSHIP WORKSHOPS Join our online community and increase your skills for Spirit. Starting SOON.... 30 SEPT 2017 online Webinar based LIVE Classroom. Step by Step. Suited to Beginners and higher levels. YOU ARE WELCOME 30 September 2017 @ 19.00 - 20.30 Can you make it? Limited Numbers Guarantees Tutors Full Attention! READ THE ONLINE FEEDBACK Book now... Learn and watch the Online Presentation and Lecture and take part in Mediumship Delivery with Spirit Portraits!



VISIT WEBSITE 07950612422 (Anne-Marie Bond (CSNU))

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