4 Day Holistic Retreat - Delphi Greece - 25th/28th October or 21st/25th October

HOLISTIC RETREAT Four days of tender loving care, nature walking, visits to the beach, sight seeing of ancient temples, mindfulness meditation, stress management, life coaching,cultural touring of one of the most spiritual sites in the history of mankind, with Greek cooking and dancing lessons. Come and join us for for a unique holistic experience to delight your senses, recharge your spirit and calm your mind! Are you a busy person who feels the urge of taking some time out from a rat race, or a person who just needs a meaningful break? Connect to your inner, golden voice and find inspiration! Press the pause button and look at your life from a different perspective. Take time out just for you, and come to listen to the ancient energies at magical Delphi, Greece, the belly button of the planet, according to the ancient Greeks. Join us in a friendly group and immerse yourself in the sparkling Delphi sun light, for alternative, affordable, nourishing, stress release, well-being and cultural retreats at one of the most significant sites in the world. The retreats are led by Greek born Chrysi Minaidou-Skidmore, a Q.T.S., Masters qualified transformational educator of health, social sciences and history of art with over ten years of teaching experience in the U.K. Some fixed and flexible retreat dates offered. BUY NOW for only £370 WELL-BEING & CULTURAL Half term Delphi retreats. Dates: 25-28 October 2017 (Alternative dates available for 21-24 October 2017. See website for details) From Saturday at 15.00 pm the 21st of October to Tuesday at 12.00 pm the 24th of October 2017. From Wednesday at 15.00 pm the 25th of October to Saturday at 12.00 pm, the 28th of October 2017. Book now, giving yourself a well deserved, self-loving experience in this ancient sanctuary of light prior to the winter blues!



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Chrysi Minaidou-Skidmore
Chrysi Minaidou-Skidmore - ''KnowThy-golden-Self'' Retreats are alternative, holistic, well-being, easy travel, low cost vacation options. They principally focus on busy professionals who regularly give a lot out to the world. This sometimes leaves them feeling so overtaxed and drained that they wish to discover their inner sanctuary of peace.

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