Sound Healing Training

Sound Healing Training
This Sound Practitioner Programme. is a series of 4 x 3 day training courses running from 10am to 5.30pm with additional online modules to supplement the training Content Understanding the history and theory of sound Harmonic series understanding Ethics, client contra-indicators, safe practice Client information gathering before and at the start of the session Client interviews, building client rapport & managing expectations Creating sacred space to work How to work on a 1-2-1 basis and with groups Working with the chakra system and the energy bodies Using vocal toning Working with crystal bowls + various exercises Working with crystal pyramids + various exercises Movement and voice exercises Use of dowsing for working with clients Working with drumming + various exercises Emotrance and sound Affirmations and sound Working with tuning forks & various exercises Future creation with clients using sound Grounding clients after sound healing sessions Producing sound healing mp3’s and CD’s / Case Study Reports Energy management techniques for grounding/protection Knowledge of working with clients at this level & when to refer on Client record keeping and ongoing CPD Business planning, insurance, professional fees



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