Mediumship & Private Sittings Workshop with Paul Brereton & Louisa Marie Sullivan CSNU

Mediumship & Private Sittings 1 Day Workshop £40.00 A private sitting is a time set aside for Spirit Communication though you the medium to the sitter. People may seek you out for a private sitting for many different reasons. Some may simply wish to hear from their loved one in Spirit, others may need life guidance & some may need both. Sometimes people do not necessarily know why they feel they need a sitting but just feel a calling. During a private sitting the medium can delve much deeper into the information than in a public demonstration. During this seminar we focus on the mechanics of the sitting and break it down into different sections to enable you to build your evidence, connection to Spirit and to the recipient. We look at the ways in which you prepare yourself to work and your environment. We will also be looking at dealing with difficult clients and challenging situations. We explore the do’s and don’ts and ethics of a private siting so you can to begin to work professionally when you are ready. Agenda Increasing Your Connection To Spirit Making that connection with the spirit communicator Preparing your workspace Setting your intention Preparing your workspace Making the booking Welcoming the client Explanation of how you work Conducting the sitting Do’s & Don’s - protocol Winding down and summarising Finishing off Dealing with difficult clients and managing expectation To Book Please Visit Our Website or Call 01992 535876



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