Accupressure and Shiatsu Techniques for First Aid and Commom Ailments

Paul has been a qualified shiatsu practitioner for more than 22 years, a Tai Chi and Qi Gong teacher for 25 years, and brings a wealth of knowledge of working with Qi in Chinese Medicine to explain and demonstrate simple techniques for helping yourself and friends/family at home. Some techniques involve simple thumb pressure in a particular place whilst others may require a light massage or stretch to a certain area of the body. Paul will show that simply placing a hand on the body in specific places can have a curing effect for certain ailments. This is the second of these acupressure days and this time the main focus will be on all menstrual problems and menopause. We will also tackle other common ailments as time allows and attendees can choose from ailments listed below: Fainting, Headaches, Migraine, Diarrhoea, Constipation, Menstrual Pain, Stopping Bleeding, Neck/Shoulder Pain, Stomach Upsets, Heart Burn, and Fatigue. No knowledge of Chinese Medicine is expected as Paul will teach you all you need to know. Handouts will be given and you will also get plenty of opportunity to practice on each other. Although not essential, wearing loose, comfortable clothing is recommended. Please note that you need not have attended the previous class - full instruction on application of techniques will be given plus a comprehensive series of handouts. Cost £25 and as always, we like to bring lunch to share but its not mandatory!! just fun! £10 deposit to be paid by 20th May



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