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Sexual Awakening For Women

London, UK



Are you successful in your career but unsatisfied in bed?

Do you struggle to relax or orgasm?

Is sex painful, dry or without much sensation?

When I was a high-paid financial software engineer, I had an amazing career - yet my sexual experiences were flat. I couldn't relax, orgasms were difficult and sex was sometimes painful. After I started to connect to my body, release pent-up emotion and stop tolerating touch that didn't feel right, everything changed!

My own transformational sexual journey lead me to re-train as a sexual body-worker and empowerment coach.

I now support, encourage and guide women to have more fulfilling, satisfying and pleasurable sexual experiences!

Work with me to:
➤ Learn to relax fully & open your body to more pleasure
➤ Discover what turns you on & how to ask for it
➤ Develop a loving relationship with your body
➤ Release old emotion, energy & limiting beliefs that are holding you back

If sex has started to feel like a chore, rather than a journey into ecstatic pleasure.

Or your orgasms are short and unsatisfying.

Work with me!

I run a 6-month Sexual Awakening For Women coaching and bodywork programme - for successful women who are serious about change.

Start your journey to having more fulfilling, satisfying and pleasurable sexual experiences.

Apply at:

(Please mention you found me on Enjoy Holistic)

Warm wishes

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Natalie Ford - Authenticity & Empowerment guide at Empowered Healing Ltd
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