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Denise Hadden - Light and Field Therapy

Brighton, UK



Denise is an optometrist, light therapist, visual coach and author whose enduring passion has been to find a ‘new way of seeing’. After receiving a BSc.Hons in Optics from Manchester, UK and completing her FBOA and FSMC board examinations in London she set sail for South Africa. Denise opened her own business in Cape Town positioning herself as an innovative and personalized practice that incorporated unique holistic vision therapies. Her search for the connection between vision, emotion and consciousness has spanned her 40year career and continues to inspire her thinking.

During this time her studies included Syntonic Phototherapy, becoming a Fellow of the College of Syntonic Optometry, as well as receiving certificates in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Energetic Medicine and Life Coaching from the SA College of Applied Psychology and the Time to Think Thinking Partnership. Denise pioneered syntonic optometry in South Africa, and continued on to develop a new way of analyzing perceptual visual fields. She further developed a method of visual awareness coaching that has extended the field of healing into deeper emotional processes. She received the Harry Riley Spitler Award in 2014 for her contributions in this regard. Denise has published two books on the process, ‘New Light on Fields’ and ‘Coaching the Invisible Fields- A New Way to Reach your Hidden Potential with Light and Visual Awareness’ and has presented workshops and lectures at numerous conferences in USA, Europe and South Africa.

Denise recalls… ‘This work began, as profound discoveries do, with astonishing experiences in my own life and then in witnessing unexpected and instantaneous healing responses in my patients. How could someone look at coloured light for five minutes and wake the next day feeling free of the devastating depression they had suffered for months? And what happened in the short field assessment with a child to summon his courage to stand up to the bully in his life? The changes in people of all ages and cultures were continued, rapid and profound. I was humbled by their stories, by the traumas and the triumphs in their lives, and to this day those experiences still guide me in understanding that no matter where we come from, we all feel the same despair when our vision and our functioning begins to deteriorate.’

Denise’s books are available through and

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Denise Hadden - Light and Field Therapy

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  • 21st Jun 2019
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VISIT WEBSITE +447943 357174

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