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Born To Dowse

Lancashire Constabulary Headquarters, Saunders' Lane, Hutton, Preston, UK



Over the last three decades Dean has become one of the world's leading advocates of dowsing as a means of connecting to our own intuition, also a passionate teacher of meditation and holistic lifestyles. His Pocketbooks of Dowsing became a worldwide phenomenon and having been ranked in the top 100 genre titles year in year out on Amazon.

To me dowsing is all about learning to trust our intuition. Once we are more attuned to our intuition, life takes on a whole new meaning and will become fascinating in ways you might never have before conceived - Dean Fraser

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Born To Dowse

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  • 28th Apr 2021
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VISIT WEBSITE 07950235584
Dean Fraser - “The only way to awaken all the dormant magic within is to feel grateful that we have already unlocked it. I adore this apparent paradox" - Dean Fraser
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