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Stacey Carl Kinesiology

14 Olympic Boulevard, Mile End, Colchester, Essex, UK, CO4 5JQ

Healing : Holistic Therapists : Intuitive : Life Coach : Nutrition : Online / Global Practitioner : Spiritual Therapists

Stacey is a Progressive & Spiritual Kinesiologist, Quantum Energy Healer, Herbalist and Raw Vegan Nutritionist. Her passion is health, nutrition and natural healing and helping people release the blockages, patterns, fears and beliefs holding them back from embracing their wholeness and living a life free of pain and dis-ease both physically and emotionally. By clearing out the lower vibrational emotions allows for more light to enter your body, allowing you to flow through life with more ease, clarity, joy, confidence and abundance, with a deeper understanding of your journey and purpose. Stacey works with clients both internationally and locally from her home in Colchester, Essex.

VISIT WEBSITE 07951179732
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