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Vicky Sweetlove

London NW1, UK, NW1 4HS

Authors : Business Coaching : Holistic Therapists : Intuitive : Life Coach : Online / Global Practitioner : Readers : Shamanic : Spiritual Therapists

Vicky is an accredited Feng Shui Consultant and is the Events Organiser and sits on the Executive Committee of the Feng Shui Society. She is a professional Dowser and member of the British Society of Dowsers and secretary to the London and Thameside dowsing group Vicky has trained with Joey Yap at the Mastery Academy of Chinese Metaphysics in Malayasia, Karen Kingston, William Spear, Robert Gray and Denise Linn.

Vicky is a qualified Past Life Coach and one of Denise Linn’s Worldwide Soul Coaches. She is an author and regularly wrote for “High Spirit” magazine and currently writes and appears in “Spirit and Destiny” magazine. She has also been on Living TV, Sky One and BBC2 and More 4. She holds courses at the College of Psychic Studies where she gives Akashic Readings. Vicky is a member of the International Feng Shui Guild (IFSG)

Vicky is a practising Shaman and uses consciousness in her connection to the homes and offices where she gives consultations. She trained in the UK with Howard and Elsa Malpas and Ernesto Ortiz in Bali and Denise Linn in California as well as working with many South American Shaman in Peru and Ecuador.

Vicky Sweetlove, Feng Shui Course TeacherHer approach to Feng Shui is intuitive and innovative. Her style covers San Yuan Compass 24 mountains, Eight mansions, Flying Star analysis Xuan Kong, Landscape Form School Feng Shui and Qi Men Dun Jia (mystical doors), Feng Shui Symbology, Geopathic Stress, Electro Magnetic Fields and Peach Blossom Luck for Romance. Vicky looks at what is happening in your life and what is happening in your surroundings by checking your birth charts along with the Feng Shui charts of your home and using date selection for activations for wealth, health and wellbeing. It may be just a matter of tweaking and taking something away rather than adding to what is already in your home, its not about looking at one aspect but looking at all aspects of the consultation that makes the picture of what is happening in your life and how you would like to change it for the better.

Vicky will carry out a Healthy Home Survey more information on this website, which entails EMF (electro magnetic fields) analysis which is recommended for any health problems as these have been found to be a major contributor to medical problems such as ME, depression, alcoholism, cancer and hyperactivity in children, insomnia and many other problems which are caused by satellite dishes, wifi in your home, microwaves, substations and mobile phones.

A Dowsing survey to detect Geopathic Stress (negative earth energies), which can be harmful if you are sleeping or sitting in or near these energy frequencies every day. Geopathic Stress can cause insomnia, cancers, MS, fatigue, diabetes and many other debilitating ailments. Geopathic Stress can also affect your business and your relationships with family and work colleagues.

She has a very high success rate in detection and harmonising of Geopathic Stress. By having a consultation you can be assured of a high quality service. Vicky will also advise on electro magnetic fields within the home/office which are determined with a professional meter and give advise on how to alleviate any problems.

Vicky works with the environment and with having an eco friendly home or office with her clients to ensure that they live and work in healthy environments.

Advice is given on clearing your clutter and space clearing; cleansing the energy of the home or office and removing ghosts and predecessor chi from previous occupants who may have been divoreced, bankrupt, had ill health and general bad luck.

Vicky teaches courses on “Feng Shui", The Akashic Records, Space Clearing and “Earth Energies and Geopathic Stress”,

VISIT WEBSITE 07885945008
Vicky Sweetlove - Vicky Sweetlove’s interest in Feng Shui started many years ago when she started making changes in her own home after having ill health with endemetriosis and ovarian cysts, being in and out of hospital three times in six months she learnt about Feng Shui, Dowsing and Crystal Healing, after working on her own home and herself, having fantastic results, she would like to help other people change their lives for the better. She has vastly changed her life with Feng Shui and Dowsing for Geopathic Stress and working with crystals, orgonite and earth acupuncture to bring positive effects to the environment
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