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Andrew David

Heart Song Spirit, Drump Road, Redruth, UK, TR15 1PR


Heart Song Spirit was founded by healer Andrew David, who is a channel for traditional trance shamanism based in Cornwall. He offers Shamanic Healing and Shamanic Sound Activations using advanced vocal sound frequencies, medicine songs and mantra.

Andrew is a shamanic healer who can sing or chant specific tones and frequencies that penetrate into the body to aid release of emotional wounds, energy blocks and trauma. Just like a Traditional Shaman, Andrew works in an intentional ecstatic trance state to tap into streams of consciousness to perceive memories, information, inspiration, creativity and sound.

This type of Sound healing works through vibrational transfer of sound frequencies at the physical and subtle energetic body levels.A good way to describe it is waves of energy that interact with the multiple, interconnected aspects of your being (energy bodies and chakras) for healing, activation and awakening to your divine potentional.

Andrew also offers Shamanic Sound Baths, Soul Retrieval, Cord Cutting, Entity Removal, Ancestral Healing, Reiki, Soul Readings and Shamanic Massage.

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