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Julie Anne Hart

Derby, UK, DE1 2AW

Business Coaching : Healing : Intuitive : Life Coach : Online / Global Practitioner

I use channelled intuition and quantum energy for multi dimensional spiritual healing. With direct access to source consciousness, I translate and decode the information I receive into clear and coherent guidance across the five major relationships; Self; Others; Purpose; Planet; Infinite.

You are being called to connect deeper into the depths of your own inner wisdom and spiritual awareness. Most structures or strategies maybe difficult for you to fit in with or feel good about. Or will simply not yield you the outcomes you are seeking to achieve. When you are here to serve spiritually you will be called to work in a completely different way.

How you return to your natural way of relating to each other, your natural way of living, your natural way of honouring, of protecting, of providing, of creating honour and worth amongst all people.

It is this, that the whole planet and cosmos and stars are desiring human form to return to. Working with intuition and spirit in business is a beautiful thing, but truly being here to serve in a bigger way is a whole different arena. It means letting go of self-importance to truly serve beyond any realms of business.

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  • 15th Feb 2021

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