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Bournemouth, UK, BH2 5EL

Business Coaching : Intuitive : Life Coach : Mindfulness : Online / Global Practitioner : Readers : Spiritual Therapists

My system of Synchrotronics is a methodology of developing our still little known psychic abilities. I want to share it with those who want to learn something new. I completed medical studies in Wroclaw, Poland in 1990 and dedicated my life to the quest of self-development, and the search of the Basic Principle in science.

Can we reach for new scientific discoveries by meditation? Can we transform our mind and our body into a new form so that we will be able to interact with our environment in a new way? Could esoteric and secret teachings return to the Earth in a new and powerful form so that they will become available to us all? Can we learn how to control our own health and our environment so that diseases, conflicts, and similar phenomena will become a problem of the past?

I believe that our human potential is endless and it is more about how to achieve new goals in our lives than about whether it is at all possible. You are a miracle being and your only problem is that you have lost the codes and the keys opening new possibilities and releasing your infinite potential.

In 2001, I was greatly inspired by my trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, doctor Richard Bandler and his assistant, a famous British hypnotist – Paul McKenna. During my NLP Practitioner training they have opened my eyes to the reality of creative trance work. In 2011, I joined a scientific group called Second Physics where I discovered that numerous super human phenomena like psychokinesis, clairvoyance, and healing have solid physical foundation, and can be controlled or even learned. I decided that dedicating my life to clinical work as a doctor would be unwise because of this enormous amount of information I had to go trough in order to select the valuable information in physics, psychology, medicine, and esoteric sciences, and I became a solitary student and independent researcher digging in old books, papers and experimenting with different methodologies ranging from magical rituals to electro-magnetic generators.

However, I realised that it would be much wiser to actually share some of my work with the public and find this way new sources of income which would help me to continue my work and research without a recourse to casual work. I have decided to create new tools for people like you and me which will allow us to accelerate our evolution and protect our wellbeing.

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  • 27th Jul 2020
VISIT WEBSITE +447367669636

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