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Wellbeing and Balance Institute

London, UK, WC2N 5DU

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At the Wellbeing & Balance Institute we take well-being seriously.

We believe that slight changes in our daily routines could have a huge impact on how we feel, look and live. We are here to help assessing your nutritional needs and can assess and analyse which nutrients you might be lacking using a wellness scanner. We can help creating a wellness plan without having to diet and help increase your quality of life.
We would only suggest the most natural products which would help to reduce your toxic load and balance your emotions. Plants have incredible healing properties and using pure essential oils is the best way to benefit from the of healing properties. Essential oils are easy to use and incorporate in to a busy lifestyle.
If you like to find out more get in touch or book a Wellness Consultation on our website

We look forward to hearing from you and being part of your journey !

VISIT WEBSITE 07858349074
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  • 26th Nov 2019
VISIT WEBSITE 07858349074
Jen . - WELLBEING & BALANCE is about sharing well-being and doTERRA Essential Oils. Here you can find out about our weekly classes and events which are all free to attend. We would like to educate about well-being and showcase how easy it is to incorporate essential oils in to your busy lifestyle.
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