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Spiritual Soul Vibrations - Lifting the weight of being Human

London SW19, UK, SW19 7BG

Healing : Intuitive : Online / Global Practitioner : Spiritual Therapists

Specialist guidance & Holistic support for the emotional and physical symptoms of Spiritual Awakening. online/ telephone - one to one support.

Hi, my name is Sharon Clark and I am an Energy Psychology Practitioner & Spiritual Intuitive Therapist. I work with a unique set of energy psychology techniques and I combine them with my own Spiritual intuitive gifts, to support women through the transition of Spiritual Awakening and beyond.

Empowered by my own spiritual awakening, I applied all of my training, qualifications and spiritual knowledge to my own situation and this is what I now offer to my clients. Using the same techniques that helped me through my own Spiritual Awakening and helped me manage my own intense emotional and physical symptoms, I was able to release or reduce negative thoughts and emotions, so that I could safely explore what was going on. I was able to evolve through this powerful transition and learn the ways of the soul and my higher purpose. I soon realised that part of my purpose was to help others connect with their own inner wisdom and soul-self, whilst also guiding them through the transition of awakening.

Navigating your way through this transition can be confusing and overwhelming, as every aspect of your past, present and future wants to be analysed, and every thought, feeling and emotion that you have, or have ever had, wants to come to the surface and be heard. Perhaps you have been happy with how your life has been up to now or you have been resigned to the fact that this is it, something is telling you that there is a lot more to why you are here in human form and it is urging you to find out. This is your soul-self wanting to grow and evolve to a higher level of consciousness. Whether you know, or you think you might be experiencing a spiritual awakening but you are not sure, I am here to guide you.

The techniques I work with are very powerful, yet their process and how they are used is very gentle. Unlike conventional talking therapies, which my work is not, our work together will provide you with the tools and skills to go beyond your conscious mind in order to safely access your subconscious (soul-self) mind and higher self. You will be able to move at your own pace and you are in control of what you want to explore during your session. I am your earthly guide who's job it is to be by your side and support you at all times

Focusing on your own unique Emotional, Mental & Physical symptoms, I can help you identify current or past conflicts that are attached, in order to help you release them and heal. Sessions normally include a combination of several expert techniques including Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Matrix Reimpriting, Hypnotherapy and META Consciousness. Chakra EFT - Tapping through the Chakras. Subtle Body & Emotional Wellbeing support. Energy Psychology Techniques to support self-healing of Mind-Body-Soul-Spirit.

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