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Shawn M. Cohen

London, UK, WC2N 5DU

Authors : Counselling : Healing : Holistic Therapists : Online / Global Practitioner : Readers : Spiritual Therapists

Psychic, Medium Tarot Reader, Shawn M. Cohen BSc.Metaphysics, L.V.N, is a qualified and highly educated and gifted Metaphysician, Born Psychic, Mediumship, Astrologer, Past Life Regressionist. Author of Spiritual books, Teacher of Esoteric Knowledge (beg Metaphysics, adv. Metaphysics, Tarot courses, Astrology courses beg and adv.)
My work has been featured in many newspapers and magazines and I have been a guest on radio, webradio and tv many times. Please also see my own web radioshow called, "Cafe Esoterica Radio on"
I am here to help you sort out your life, your health, your love life and your soul's purpose. Healing and helping people for 35 years worldwide.
I also teach Metaphysics and Tarot and Astrology.
My books are also available on my website and
I see people on Skype and Zoom or Facebook chat worldwide, payment through

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