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Zsuzsanna Geiszler

Beaconsfield Street, Bedford MK41 7SD, UK, MK41 7SD

Cognitive / Mind Therapists

Hi, My name is Suzy, I am an Access Bars facilitator.
Access Consciousness came to my life a year ago when I was stuck in my life.
I took other modalities before such as crystal healing with Philip Permutt, chakra balancing with crystals, Rahanni... but none of these gave me that pragmatic change that Access Bars gave.
So after my first Bars class I repetead it twice and became a Facilitator.
The most it gave me was to get known myself who I am really. I realised that who I thought I was for 36 years is actually a lie. I tried to fit in my family`s reality, who I should be and what I should do but my life didn`t work that ways. I made myself wrong about it. Now as I realised this my life got much more easier, light and fun.
I could release all of limitations and patterns that I brought and bought from my family`s point of views and create the life I always wanted to have.
I have learnt a lot about how actually create the life that I really want with ease , joy and glory.
This all Access Consciousness became my new lifestyle, by Being me!
What if Life can be Joyful and Fun with Ease?
To renew my Access Bars Facilitator license I have had to take a Foundation class which seemed was impossible to me as it was way more money that I ever had for a class.
With these practical - pragmatic - tools of Access Consciousness I manifested 1500 pounds within 4 days as its by magic. Further more I have done another Foundation class within a months. Creating the life which is fun and light is so easy and I love it. The next upcoming Foundation class that Im hosting will be on the 13-16 December.
My life has changed a lot by Running my Bars regularly and opened up for more possibilities.

98% of your Thoughts, feelings and emotions are not even Yours , you`re only PERCEIVE them.

All of life comes to me with Ease , Joy and Glory! Access Consciousness Mantra

My available Treatments are ;
Access Bars
Energetic Facelift
Cellular memory
Biomimetic Mimicry
Erasing Fat Cells

Access Bars Class

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  • 8th Nov 2018
VISIT WEBSITE 07449781787

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