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Heal from Emotional Issues Quickly, Permanently and Risk Free (Pay For Results)

RPT can help you in reaching:

permanent resources (A Resource is a feeling you would have access to when free from issues. Examples include love, joy, calm, or abundance.
It’s how you were meant to feel, how a truly healthy person feels.)
Your life goals and improving quality of life
Self confidence
Success in business
Healthy relationships
States of happiness
RPT also removes fears, phobias, blockages to an abundant state
RPT can help clear even physical problems that stem from an emotional issue

Contact me on Skype Anto75uk

What results can you expect from an RPT session?

You can expect full resolution of your issue especially if it's very context specific, i.e. I am nervous when I have to talk to my boss, or I have this trauma in my life, or I get really insecure when I have to talk to the other sex.
A complex issue with many factors may take more than 1 session, but you won't leave the first session without definite changes!
Even if you have been struggling for the issue for years with other modalities I can guarantee it will disappear, permanently.
You will leave the session with new inner resources that will improve your quality of life
I, Antonella Ercolani am an Level 1&2 RPT Practitioner and an alternative healing practitioner, and I work only with people who would like to change and taking responsibility of their life. I don't work with mental illnesses

What happens in a sessions? What do I have to do?

I will guide you to feel emotions and to imagine different scenarios and I will help you clear the issues, regain the inner resources, your job is to want to solve the issue, feel the emotions and follow my guidance. It's not hypnosis at all, you will not be in a hypnotic state, although a light alpha state is common.
The important thing here is that you should be able to feel emotions and body sensations easily for the process to work. In case that is an issue for you, the first session needs to be about helping you clear this block to feeling emotions and sensations in your body.

How can I be sure that the issue won't come back and that the resource states are permanent?

The issue gets cleared at the deepest level possible, so your specific issue, in the precise context we will work on won't come back, and the new state is likely to be permanent.
RPT has a 95% rate of success, but if, in the extremely unlikely event the specific issue comes back a session free of charge will be offered to find out why that happened and what secondary benefits there may be.

Is it painful? Is it like talk therapy?

Unlike other kinds of therapies RPT doesn't ask you to go back fully in the problematic experience, but to feel some emotions and sensations and then it takes you out of the memory. You don't even need to talk about the issue if you don't want to, it's still effective.


There is also a process called Re-conception (which usually takes a session) You will be led to change and raise the level of consciousness at your own moment of conception. The results from this are: more coherence in your minds (less conflict between what the head, the heart and the gut say), more happiness, raised level of awareness and clarity, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, and lessening of a range of issues.
In fact I encourage you to compile a list of issues and rate them before the session from 0 to 10 according to how severe they are for you and we can do a process called Re-conception and the severity of the issues will diminish (or sometimes be a zero) at the end of the session.
Some of these issues may be gone forever, some will need a short followup if some charge or self-sabotage is still present to be permanently cleared.

Rates and Bookings

RPT sessions can be done over Skype (a stable Internet connection is essential, video is not, but it is helpful)

Skype account to contact is Anto75uk
Whatsapp (not always on) +39 392 2106543

RPT sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes

Payments are made via paypal to [email protected] prior to the session, after making an appointment with me on Skype


This has been an intense life-transforming session. I have been able to identify the origin of my issue and heal parts of it, it's quite weird and there's a lot to take in, I have felt a change. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. xx

Patti Dunford
I feel amazing! Antonella helped me so much. Thank you so much!

Angela Constable
Absolutely spot on! Wonderful session; Antonella is a warm,friendly and amazingly accurate professional. Will be booking another session with her. Thank you

Audreonna Capla
Antonella was very helpful. She was intuitive , patient, and she listened well. I look forward to working with her again.

Lisa Halliday
I thoroughly enjoyed my session with Antonella. She is a great therapist. The session was deep and profound, Thank you


Too many therapies around, what to choose? Most people are wary of therapies, especially new ones, what guarantee do they have that it will work and that they are not throwing away their money?
I have decided that from now on, since I know RPT works 90% to 95% of the time, given the global issues, and my raising the prices to accommodate a more fair exchange between patient and therapist, I will apply the model pioneered by the Peak States Institute of "Pay for Results"

No results? No fee!

How does this work?
Before the first session we will both draw and sign a contract that includes 1 specific trauma or 1 specific memory or 1 issue that they want to address with the rating from 0 to 10 in severity 0 being it's not a bother at all and 10 it's a major problem very painful
Example: Rape when I was 16 years old is a 10 OR I am anxious when my boss asks me what I have done is a 6, or grief over my husband leaving me is a 7
Issues need to be SPECIFIC. For instance anxiety when I think about money and anxiety in a relationship are completely different issues. Anger in the workplace that comes from a specific incident and Anger towards the spouse are completely different issues.
There MAY be a generalized effect in some cases, so that if you treat and clear your anger towards your boss the anger toward your spouse may diminish or disappear but this is not how we gauge the success of the session if you have chosen to treat the workplace issue.

The payment will be due ONLY if the issue is dealt with and goes to a 0 and remains so for at least three weeks after the session that cleared it.

Example 1 : I do a session today, the issue disappears. We have a brief check in in a week, the issue is still a 0, after three weeks it's still a 0, payment is due

Example 2: I do a session today, the issue disappears. We have a brief check in in a week, the trauma is back or there is an aspect that wasn't there earlier, we treat it and it disappears.
Check in after another week, issue is 0, check in after 4 weeks after the initial session the issue is still 0, payment is due

Example 3: I do a session today, the issue disappears. We have a brief check in in a week, the trauma is back or there is an aspect that wasn't there earlier, we do another session and treat it and it disappears.
Check in after a week, the trauma is back again. No payment is due and no more sessions are available for the client for this or other issues, neither with RPT or BodyTalk
( a) it's a special case of trauma loop that cannot be treated by RPT but by Peak States Therapists OR b) the client may be dishonest and I don't want to waste more of my time in this case)
Example 4: I do a session today, the issue doesn't go away at all. the rating doesn't go down. No payment is due and no more sessions are available for the client for this or other issues (similar reasons as above, but in case "a" it's a different subcellular case, it's not a time loop)
(INSTEAD In case the issue's rating has gone down but the issue hasn't disappeared a second session will be done after a week)

The Sype or Zoom Sessions are usually between 1 hour and 1 hour and a half long. Sometimes it may take 2 hours, sometimes 50 minutes, so in each patient's case I may need to work from 50 minutes to 4 hours + check ins via email and/or Skype/Zoom

I am NOT charging for the time it takes to clear an issue, I charge for the RESULTS
For one specific trauma it usually takes 1 session, rarely it takes 2 sessions.


Because of the "apex problem" where well meaning people sometimes forget they had a problem or the initial severity of the issue after the healing ("oh it wasn't a problem to begin with" "the anger I came in with wasn't an issue, what I need help with is...." ) and to avoid any other misunderstandings,
before the first session the client will state the issue and its severity either 1) in a handwritten note with the rating 0 to 10 and submit is as a scan or picture OR 2) in a short 30 seconds to a minute video.
In case of the apex problem the note or the video will be shown to the client to remind them that they DID have the issue that is now cleared.

I hope you understand how this model works I hope, if you have any further questions please contact me

New Pay for Results Fee:

1 issue with RPT:
240 euros
​(payable in a single solution or in 2 installments)

All payments are carried out via Paypal

Contact me on Skype Anto75uk

Mon, 18 January 21 : 10:01 : Antonella Ercolani BodyTalk & RPT Distance Sessions

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