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Plant consciousness & the World of Nature Spirits & Elementals

Plant consciousness & the World of Nature Spirits & Elementals

Be prepared for the MAGICAL!

This DAY RETREAT is for all lovers of the plant world that want to deepen their spirituality and connection to Earth’s blessed allies.

You may be a vegetable and flower gardener that wants to enter into partnership with the elementals of your garden.

You may feel called to Earth Healing through learning about co-creation with the world of nature spirits, and supporting the emerging New Earth.

This will be an experiential day of inner journeying, attunements and you will go away with greater confidence, peace, inspiration and ways to develop a partnership with natures builders and helpers that are waiting for us to join with them in service.

There are limited spaces to keep the group small and intimate and to support each ones beautiful exploration and attunements through the day.

Areas covered include:

-Elementals of Earth. Air, Fire and Water

-Working with the Devas and angels of nature

-The most conscious of the Plant Kingdom are trees: we will hear about the last remnants of Ancient Lemuria, the Great Sequoia and the Redwood whose service to the planet continues to be a vital one, and attune to and listen to their messages.

And in the sacred landscape of Avebury are the beautiful tree allies of this site, that are said to have inspired J. R. R. Tolkien's 'walking trees' in "The Lord of the Rings".

-Hear about the 'Music of Plants'

-We will also be offering space for attunement to each ones personal body elemental. If this is something new to you then we will learn how important this awareness is to our lives, our well being and health.

-Hear about the manifestation of the magical and abundant Findhorn garden, in a unwelcoming environment and sandy soil, through the cooperation with the nature spirits. Ankara had known Peter and Eileen Caddy who had made up part of the small group of friends that started that original garden.

Preparation: we ask approximately one week prior to arriving for this days unfolding you prepare for it as though embarking on a spiritual quest.

We will be in touch with all participants to give further details.

Ankara has been leading Sacred Earth Healing circles for thirty years; has led a number of retreats on communication with nature’s angels in the late 90’s and early 2000’s. She will be sharing her own stories and insights from working with the elementals of vegetables and light beings of flowers, as well as tree consciousness.

We have chosen this date in July for better weather and being a Monday, and not yet, the school holiday period, we envisage a quieter period at Avebury for inner journeying and attunements. And intend to go through to early evening for those that are able to stay on with us.

To register & for more detailed information please email [email protected]
Abundance exchange: only £55 (to make this as accessible as possible)

Thu, 4 June 20 : 7:06 : Enjoy

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