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We must spread the message - There is NO death!

We are all living in terrible times and this period will go down in history just like the plague and the Black Death that we all learned about in school. It is hard to believe the number of deaths not just in our own country but around the world. The loss of loved ones is causing unbearable grief and I want to write about three things I am hearing on the TV from bereaved families.

1) He/she died alone — we were not allowed to be there.

As a spiritualist I want to tell everyone that nobody dies alone. All souls making the crossing to the Spirit World are met at the moment of death and accompanied into the next world. I will quote two examples of this but I am sure that many people could tell of similar experiences. I was holding my father’s hand as he laying dying from a heart attack. He looked past me and said “I see you, I see you” and it was only later that I realised that he was “seeing” members of his family (parents and two brothers) who had come from the next world to collect him. Another instance of this was when a close friend of mine was sitting at the hospital bedside of her dying sister. This sister had been devoted to their late father. My friend told me that at the moment of death a beautiful smile appeared on her sister’s face as she greeted the father who had come to take her with him to their heavenly home.

2) We never had a chance to say goodbye.

Because of my Spiritualist beliefs I know that you don’t say “Goodbye” because our beloved dead are always near and if you were to go to a Spiritualist Church (the only church which can prove the existence of the next world) then you can receive a message from your loved one which will prove to you just how close they still are and how much they know of your present life. Again I will quote a few examples of messages I have received and heard about from others.

“I have your father here and he was with you when you went to the dentist on Tuesday.” A message I received from a medium.

“I have your grandmother here and she says you have changed your hair style but she likes it.” Message received to a young girl in the audience.

“I have your father here and he says stop playing around, get into your studies and pass that exam.” Message received to a young student in the audience.

So you see your loved ones in the next world are still very close to you and know exactly what is going on in your life.

3) We will never see him/her again.

Of course you will when you too make the crossing to the next world. They are there waiting for you and what a wonderful reunion that will be. Many people say they are scared to die — but it is something to look forward to as your earthly life draws to a close. Our most respected teacher from the next world is Silver Birch and he describes death as “ the freeing of the imprisoned bird from the cage.” No more pain, a return to a younger vibrant body, a new life to enjoy in a new world of opportunities. Children who have died go to a special part of the next world reserved for them where they are well looked after and happy. Pets who have died are similarly looked after in their own special place until they are joined by their earthly owners.

So everybody please be aware that death is not the end. Your loved ones are continuing to live on in that new and wonderful world which awaits us all. Be patient till your time comes. In the meantime live your earth life so that your relatives in the next world will greet you with love and pride when you arrive to join them.

By Ada Mckay
I am offering a free copy of my book “Why I am a Spiritualist” to anyone interested. Please contact me by email [email protected]

Wed, 29 April 20 : 17:04 : Enjoy

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