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The Coming Recession, & How To Prepare - Silver & Gold

An economic dislocation/recession is about to unfold throughout the world. It's time you did some research and think about what to do to preserve what wealth you have, so reading this article can help you do just that.

Do you remember the last economic downturn in 2008 and how it affected the prices and values of many things in our world, including many currencies? It is about to happen again, but this time it will be more pronounced.

Notice how I just mentioned that we use currencies as a medium of exchange and not money, which leads to my next point, money.

Even though most of us have to work for money, most do not know what money is. Have you ever thought about the concept of money? Seems kind of strange that we have to have it survive in our world and many strive to attain it, but never contemplate what it is.

Simply put, money is energy, but since we can't see energy, we have to use something to represent the energy! By working, a person puts their energy into the job they perform. Since they don't receive anything back (seemingly) from this directly (the energy doesn't immediately come back), then the energy imbued into their work is then reciprocated by the employer/customer etc. in the form of money in return for that energy. In the past, money was something tangible, whether it was shells, beads, or coins, yet now it is mostly numbers on a computer screen, or pieces of paper.

The difference between money and currency is while money stores intrinsic value within itself, fiat currency possesses buying power bestowed upon it by the government.

The currencies we are forced to use as money by private central banks of each country are in fact debt, as they are “notes,” ie. U.S. Dollar, or "Federal Reserve Note.” A note is, according to

“A note is a debt security obligating repayment of a loan, at a pre-determined interest rate, within a defined time frame.”

Whether its a U.S. Federal Reserve Note, A British Pound Note, or a ECB Note it is all the antithesis of money because it is debt. The monetary systems of all governments are all Ponzi schemes where the privately owned central banks of each country literally print money out of thin air (now digits on computer screens) and loan it to governments, which repay the loans by taxing people's incomes. The currency supply increases so much, that it steadily loses its value as is the case now, where most currencies have lost most of their purchasing power. We know this as inflation and all one has to do is look at the upward spiral of prices on all things we need to live. At some point these currencies, backed by nothing more than "faith in the government," will collapse, or be reset at a lower value.

The value of assets held as paper money, including many stocks, shares and bonds are going to be worth less, and in some cases a lot less.

Money needs to have different properties and you can discover what those are here -

Although many reading this won't care about the properties of money, this is leading somewhere. The world is fast approaching a recognized recession, which will envelop many countries and negatively affect many people. If you want to preserve any savings, or wealth you have, it would be wise to investigate purchasing silver and/or gold coins. Silver and Gold have been money for thousands of years and have preserved wealth for that entire time. In fact, the U.S. Constitution says only Silver and Gold are money, plus the British Pound is called the “Pound Sterling” because it was based in Silver.

I am not an investment advisor, so I am not offering any financial advice, just offering information to help you maintain and possibly grow the money you have.

I have researched this subject for over 15 years using my law enforcement experience discerning truth from lies, in an attempt to find truthful information about economics, precious metals, money, monetary theory and many other topics. My research has lead me to the conclusion that the mainstream, in nearly all the information given is either deceitful, or outright lies. Be careful about trusting mainstream sources for any truth, no matter what the topic.

Websites that can help you gather truthful information on gold, silver and economics:

Also, for those that do not like to read, you can watch vlogger Mario Innecco (Maneco64) at his youtube channel –

Mario was a bond trader in both Switzerland and London and relates his vast knowledge of all areas mentioned in this article via a daily youtube vlog. I consider him to be an expert on stock markets, money, precious metals and economics in general and he simplifies things in an easy to understand manner, so viewing his information will get you up to speed quickly. Also, he is a proponent of Silver and Gold as a way to maintain wealth/money.

The largest investment fund in the world, Blackrock, recently published an article entitled "The monetary policy endgame," where they gave this recommendation:
"How should one position for such an endgame? As is probably evident, any nominal instrument will be devalued in real terms, so the solution is to hold an asset that maintains its real value – an asset that cannot be printed. We would include stocks (dividend yields are set on payout ratios, companies have some degree of pricing power, and shares outstanding are limited in number), real estate (it is difficult and expensive to expand the stock of real estate), and even commodity currencies, like gold (again, limited supply and expensive to extract)."

You don't have to believe me, but you may want to listen to what Blackrock is advising high net worth people. *As a note - Silver would be an asset concurrent with Gold as it is a precious metal as well as an industrial metal and is much cheaper.

The topics contained herein are complex, so I have attempted to keep this article short as the information is dry and most people find boring, or difficult to understand. It behooves you to prepare for the recession that many experts, who offer information from the previously mentioned websites, know has already started, but the mainstream won't acknowledge until it is too late for many.

Also note that in the USA when you open an account at a bank, hidden in the fine print of the agreement, is a section that states the money you deposited is owned by the bank as an unsecured loan. If they choose, they can take your money and there is nothing you can do about it as it is legal for them to do so. You can read about it here -

Do your due diligence and become prepared.

May the Force be with you!

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