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My Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

Hi! it’s Carl Williams this side. It’s been two years since I finished my yoga teacher training in Rishikesh but it always feels like yesterday. The days I spent there were the most memorable days of my life.

How it started…
I was a student of English Literature when I was introduced to yoga. Since few of my friends joined a yoga class, I enrolled myself too. Since it was holiday’s time, I decided to do something different and thus joined yoga classes.

Honestly, I thought yoga would be very easy for me as I have an athletic body. But as soon as our class started, I knew practicing yoga is not that easy as I thought it would be. My shoulders and thighs were very inflexible. They were certainly strong but not flexible. On the other hand, my friends were doing great (not perfect but far better than me). It was quite embarrassing for me.

However, I did not leave or skip the classes. I attended all the class regularly for three months. I began to enjoy my yoga classes thoroughly. Now my body was far more flexible than the last time. Not just physically, I could feel several transformations mentally too. For instance, I was calmer, less stressed and happy. My sleeping conditions improved a lot too.

When I took the decision…
When I realized that I want to pursue the journey of yoga, I decided to go deeper into my yoga practice. Therefore, I chose to do yoga teacher training in Rishikesh as one of my friend suggested me this place. Also no need to mention, Rishikesh is the best and the most affordable place to learn and practice yoga, especially for the people from the west.

When I reached Rishikesh…
I joined a 200 Hour level yoga teacher training course in a yoga school. I arrived in Rishikesh around 5 p.m. It was summertime and when the wind was blowing and passing through the river Ganga, it felt wonderful. My yoga school was far from the main city. Though the yoga school did send a taxi, I preferred to go by auto rickshaw as I could not enjoy the nature completely through a cab, car or taxi.

It took us around one hour to reach the ashram. The location of the ashram was very peaceful and beautiful. Some of the students were already there.
During the Course…

When the course began, it was like a shock to me. Not that it was hard or anything, the schedule was so tight that I doubted myself whether I could complete this course or not.

According to our daily schedule, we used to wake up at 5:30 a.m. Our classes used to begin by 6 a.m. and finish by 6 p.m. with few breaks in between the classes. The meals were quite simple, but tasty and nutritious.

Also, all the teachers were amazing. Everyone one was very calm and patient with everyone. No matter what we ask, they always answer us politely. I do not remember any yoga teacher being offended or angry during our class.

Besides, I also enjoyed the company of my fellow students. Many of them could not speak proper English, but we all managed to understand each other and spent a good time there. We also had a weekly off and all students were taken for the outing, experience local life and try delicious local cuisine. Undoubtedly, we all enjoyed every bit of our off day.

After the Course…
The course finished after 28 days and we all were happy to complete our yoga training. When I came back there was never a day without yoga practice in my life. After few months, I started working in a yoga studio as an assistant to a yoga instructor. I am currently working in the same studio as an instructor.

My yoga teacher training gave me a lot more than my career. It gave me the knowledge of being more patient and accepting my own self. It taught me to adapt to different people and situations in life. My training made me a better version of myself.

Thu, 1 August 19 : 9:08 : Dr. S Yogi

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    Chandra Yoga International

    Village Ganga Bhogpur Malla, Cheela Dam - Rishikesh Rd, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand 249306, India

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