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Trauma, Humanity and the fate of the world

Over many years I have been able to understand how we are all able to heal ourselves and show others how to do the same.
It is my belief that many illnesses come from two places, trauma experienced directly and indirectly plus toxins from the world found in our environment created by man and nature.

The trauma I talk about comes from abuse, this abuse can be in many forms and can lead to all sorts of issues psychological, and physical. I know this trauma can be healed very quickly, especially if trauma is addressed straight away thereby preventing the accumulation of trauma which in itself causes more problems further down the line, in turn this makes recovery more difficult than it should be.

Within my own experiences, I also know that we all have the ability to feel and sense people for many different reasons, from feeling their pain to understanding why they are like they are. We are all able to communicate non verbally, being able to hear others thoughts and ideas, but this has always been possible and is a natural part of us, the problem is it has been allowed to be forgotten.

With the current education system children are not really being developed in a natural way, more in a way that society can shape and mould them to the gain of maybe corporations and governments. what I do know is by nurturing our abilities and embracing them, we have more to offer the world and others.
Imagine the ability to sense what is fake and what is true, the ability to read others, and their motives thereby, Judging using a connection that has no motive or agenda, the world would change, it would have to, we give care and love to those that need it and also expose those who are cruel and greedy.

The population of this world seems to be run and controlled by non emphatic, greedy ego fueled narcissists, this has been allowed to happen as good people just stand by and think that they should not fight for what is right and true. This is not a call to arms but a highlighting of an era that really needs to end. The world revolves around circles, the same situations keep occurring, those that justify negative acts for the greater good.

Well there is no greater good than the care and love of others. Fear has been number one, the fear of not having, of not being. Fear is control and has been held over humankind for many for centuries, we wont look deeper in to this as I am sure we are well aware of the game play in today`s world. What I would like to say now is the idea of a change, by nurturing children to enhance their spiritual senses, the ones of self healing and empathy would bring complete change.

Why? imagine, there is a bully in the class and every day he picks on someone new, he eventually gets caught and dismissed from the school not only has caused traumatic experience`s for the victims but on him or herself, he/she grows up and goes through life hating himself/herself even believing that he is justified in how he/she acts, all because he/she experienced trauma when younger.

This is just one example as there are so many different possibilities and outcomes. Now with a different thought, the same bully in the same school comes across a group of children all with the ability to understand and sense the reasons why, they stand together and have help from the teachers. The bully becomes understood as to why he is like he is and is given healing, love and a safe place to be. He changes, he grows up happy, helps others and hopefully passes on the empathy.

The reason he changes is because he is understood, and the trauma he has experienced has been healed, he no longer flows with a negative pattern. Children can be taught to heal themselves and allow them to express their spiritual side and help others, this has a major impact on the world as trauma will not be carried over to the next generation.

I feel most people don't realise that if we are totally connected to ourselves and others we become safer as we can feel what is coming, we can sense motives and negative intent. The way people are subjected to abuse from others is because they are vulnerable, fearful or just have no confidence in themselves. Following the sheep mentality is easier, safety in numbers but this is just an illusion.

Trying to fit in this world has become top priority, Instagram proves this, most of the younger generation today spend more time trying to prove and promote themselves as a brand, rather than living their lives. We are so blinded by the media and stars of the world that we are happy to just let them take more and more time, energy and money from us. Why can we not put our money and energy into valuable life changing ideas and communities?

The answer is we can, as long as we can show children a better way to embrace their natural abilities, after all we are all super heroes deep down. Everyone wants to be understood, heard and to have and give love, that is it, understanding and changing your viewpoint and energy produces a different outcome and possibility.

Imagine an education system which promotes Self-Healing, Empathy, Compassion, allowing classes to Meditate and express free thought through creativity and technology? Ideas flow from somewhere! Sadly I feel that the powers that be would not sanction such an idea, it would go against the programming of the masses to meet their own selfish agenda. We do not live in a free world.

Making the change is simple, the hard part is the population believing in the possibility that can be achieved and that they would really want this. Seeing the bigger picture is key here. So the question is, do you want a better world or not?

Fri, 1 February 19 : 11:02 : Darren Leigh

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