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Spiritual Energetics

Bloomsbury, London, UK

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Spiritual Energetics

Spiritual Energetics is a system of healing using the power of our brain and our conscious spiritual self to heal our body and mind. I believe Trauma can have a profound impact on our health both mental and physical and we carry this trauma throughout our life which then accumulates over time in turn blocking the natural processes of our brain and bodily functions.

Being ill for a lengthy time and not knowing why, or having an illness come out of the blue changes everything, our state of mind, our stress, anxiety and lack of energy all come from trauma. It's possible that if we are functioning at maximum health coupled with a healthy diet and exercise regime or activity level, we would not experience illness or disease.

Our brain and bodies are remarkable both on a physical and spiritual level and have all that we need to heal ourselves, we have so much untapped potential it is just understanding how we are able to use and access that amazing capability.
Sadly in the western world today when we are unwell we automatically look to someone else to fix us. We are led to believe that there is a pill for every complaint. This is a major problem as these pills work on the same system as your brain and spiritual body does, but instead of curing many of these medications create blocks, which the human body then has to make a bypass for the brain to continue to operate the connections. This may only be a temporary fix but ultimately it is hiding the real issue, these blocks over time accumulate as the body takes on new ailments, moving from one blockage to another which then block other parts to our already overburdened brain.

Our body is an orchestra, finely tuned and if the slightest note is out then it has an effect on the whole, only a perfect ear can tell which instrument is off key. Our brain and soul is that ear and with this, all we have to do is ask the pertinent questions to enable our healing to begin.
Asking is simple but many of us have lost this ability but the reality is we just have forgotten. We are bombarded daily with information on how we should live our lives and how we should act and think, this is stress and pressure in itself, but we go merrily following the pied piper. We listen to this music not realising we have our own inner symphony playing quietly begging for an audience.

How does a Trauma Healing session work.

A Trauma Healing session is a relatively simple process which involves sitting quietly with me and entering into a relaxed state via mediation or relaxation. (This can be done over the phone just as easily as in person)
When the client is feeling relaxed and secure I then ask the client to do a spiritual and mental scan with their Brain. With my help we look for any areas that are black or very dark in colour. Once an area has been identified by the client they have the option to look at the cause of the trauma or if they don’t wish to do that ( you do not need to see a trauma or relive it, to heal it ) we proceed on to removing the trauma/block with the use of colour and a system of breathing techniques that are very easy to follow. All of this process is closely monitored by myself in the spiritual sense. My role is not one of providing the healing, I am just a guide passing on the information I have received to help you heal your own body and soul.
As I have said before, all humans have the ability to heal themselves and that is the whole point and the reason why this system works so well long-term. Once a block is removed it is gone for good never to return. We Heal and Scan together for as long as the process takes, all blocks can be removed quickly and without any requirement for the laying on of hands or the like.
The great thing about this Healing is that I do not need a long list of physical complaints or ailments on a consultation session (you can keep a record for yourself in this regard for your own healing journal if you so desire) my main aim is to help souls release themselves from these blocks and Traumas from their past and enable souls to move forward with better health both physically and spiritually.

Why is the Breath important.

Our breathing is the major part of our body system, without oxygen to certain parts we cannot expect these parts to function correctly.
Our breath is a tell-tale sign that something is wrong, if our breathing is smooth in and out then there is not a problem however if there are disruptions on the out breath this is an indication of a block.
The amazing thing is that some people have had illness for a while and the cure was just to get oxygen to a certain area, oxygen starved tissues or organs won't work and start to fail in many different ways.
When the Healing process is complete, people have noticed a complete difference in how their breathing is, it appears smoother and has more rhythm to it, resetting the brain, heart and airflow have profound effects on our mind, body and soul.

The human body and Brain is a complex system and I do not profess to have all the answers however I am able to teach what I know to others and help them in their own healing process.
Trauma Healing takes a lot of self-belief and the confidence on your bodies abilities to heal itself, this is quite a leap of faith for some souls to make but if you are able and willing to trust and have faith then I have seen this method work amazingly well for all sorts of human ailments both physical and emotional.

How did I discover this method of Healing

This world is not what we think it is, it is far from what we can only imagine. We are multi-dimensional beings, we are consciousness and energy, we are connected to every person, place or energy. We are energy, so if we are energy then we can feel, see and manipulate this energy.
I have been aware and connected closely with this energy since I was very young, commonly known as a Medium. This is correct but without all the mystic babble, we all have this ability. Yes there are ghosts and when we pass over we are still around, but not as apparitions or hauntings but as energy.
We can still connect to each other and have conversations, we can even talk to each other without speaking, this is true. We have just forgotten.

The point I am making is that I used to talk to these energies, angels and spirit guides when I was younger they helped me in my life, and showed me amazing things. When I started to do readings in spiritual churches I started to work on healing, this involved putting my hands on to someone and asking for energy for them. It was more about heart and intention and directing the healing energy towards them. This was all very well however my guide Monty suggested that we visualize energy as colour, and with this colour we move this around the spirit body to enable a balance in them. Little did I realise all those years ago that Monty was very well ahead of our time, he knew and showed me how to manipulate energy flow through the use of colour and breath and whilst the healing sessions were very successful I did not fully appreciate what I was working with, it is only now after many years working in the Healing and Spiritual world that I feel that this method used for Trauma

Healing works even better than I understood.

Identifying blocks of negative energy no matter what the cause, and then removing them ourselves is a very powerful tool to have and one which was always intended for our use but over eons of time we have been far removed from our birth given potential, more than likely in the name of religion or the pharmaceutical industry!
It is my privilege and honor to share this system of healing with any souls that wish to understand and use it.
I am happy to answer any queries you may have just connect.

Fri, 1 February 19 : 11:02 : Darren Leigh

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    Spiritual Energetics

    Bloomsbury, London, UK

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