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Cutting Cords Workshop

Cords are ties, which can energetically connect a person with life situations, people, object, places, thought forms or animals. Most of these energetic connections are made quite naturally in our lives when we meet and bond with other people, places etc. and they will usually attach and detach in a healthy way. However, on other occasions they stay in place for longer than is appropriate for one or both parties and maintain behaviour, situation or similar which can become unhealthy for one or more individuals. The potential impact of negative energetic cords can be: Disease, pain or illness Reduced energy levels as our energy is being drained Intrusive thoughts about a person or situation Trapped in a relationship or job Feeling obliged to carry out certain behaviours that we don’t really like doing. Spiritual growth is slowed down or even stuck Repetitive challenging dreams The purpose of this workshop is to explore the concept of energy cords and how to work with them to positively affect your life now as a result
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DougBuckingham - Hello, I'm Doug and I am passionate about how we can create our lives from the inside out and in general the world of energy medicine.

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