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The Sussex Dowsers - A talk about Egyptian and Energy Pendulums

In the early and mid twentieth century, French physicists and engineers were investigating the energy emitted by the pendulums that were discovered in Egyptian tombs. From these they developed a range of Egyptian pendulums: Osiris, Isis, Karnak, each emitting different frequencies. They also discovered the amazing Thoth pendulum that absorbs, detects and emits frequencies on command. They went on to explore other shapes and created Scientific Energy pendulums. These devices do not rely on mental questions by the dowser. These tools can detect the frequencies and the quality of energetic emissions from people, objects and places. They can also be used to change frequency patterns to correct imbalances or to create beneficial energies. According to Sandy, some specialised pendulums can remove curses and black 'spells'. Sandy will demonstrate these pendulums and you will have an opportunity to use them as well. Entry fee: £5 which includes a hot drink and biscuits
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