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Andromeda Healing, Level 1

Time to learn something new? Have you heard about Andromeda Healing??? Andromeda Healing is an up-to-date healing modality designed for the modern-day Practitioner. Imagine taking the best and most authentic ancient healing practices and energies and combining these with the latest in quantum and atomic-age physics principles Andromeda Healing does this and brings energy healing roaring into the 21st century !! The Result: The quickest, simplest and most convenient method of restoring the body back to its “normal” or “default” setting It sometimes works so fast in realigning the body and relieving pain that the brain cannot comprehend that the change has taken place, until the body takes a sigh of relief! See the website at: Next course dates in Barnsley : Andromeda Level 1 : The Awakening 12th/13th June 2021 Andromeda Level 2 : Beyond the Crown 19th/20th June 2021 Each 2-day course is £250 - or book both for the discounted fee of £450. See link below to book …..
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VISIT WEBSITE 07790212573 (Gentle Touch Therapy Training College)

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