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SEA - Self-Love & Empowerment Activation

Are you a trusting, giving, and sensitive female soul who's tired of being taken advantage of? Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to activate your 5 superpowers in just 10 weeks, so you can empower your caring, charismatic and confident nature without having to hide behind walls of isolating protection ever again. This is an exclusive invitation for the beta version of SEA - Self-Love & Empowerment Activation. This offer has not been released to the public and will never be offered again at this price. Space is limited to an intimate group of 12 only. What will you learn? The 5 Superpowers that let you embrace your sensitivity as strength: Superpower #1 For your first superpower you will learn to hold space for yourself, so that you can feel the comfort and safety of total acceptance that acknowledges where you are and allows your thoughts and emotions without judgment. Superpower #2 For this superpower, you will explore not only our feelings but also their source, so that you can easily recognize why things are amiss and what you want to change. This gives you clarity – not only about your past, but the future you want to create, so that you can make room for a fresh, new you. Superpower #3 The third superpower is the one of transformation through forgiveness of all the situations responsible for causing you pain, so that you can transmute the debilitating effects of toxic patterns and behaviors into emotional stamina. You will recognize healthy boundaries and gain the strength to establish and protect them. Superpower #4 This superpower is all about claiming your innate strength as an empathic soul. You will recreate your core-confidence, clearly define your heart-based values, and set the loving standards to serve as the basis for your future life, so that you can embrace your new life with an open heart while feeling safe and secure. Superpower #5 The final superpower in this course is recognizing your worth by practicing self-love, so that you completely align with yourself, find strength in your true, empathic nature, and feel the protection and empowerment life has to offer you. What’s included? - Your own course platform / dashboard with access to all the materials and coaching calls, so you can do things in your own time. - 10 weekly units to discover your 5 most important superpowers to love your sensitivity and recognize it as strength. - PDF transcripts of each unit to keep for life, so you can continue to hone your skills. - Weekly Transformational exercises to practice your superpowers. - Printable worksheets, so you can work both online and on paper and monitor your progress. - 10 weekly 90-minute live group-coaching calls for hands-on coaching & exclusive exercises to enhance your transformation. - A private Facebook group for community, support, and encouragement, but also for accountability. >>>>For Early-Birds only: a personal 1:1 breakthrough session for you, so you can blaze through resistance and major blocks, so that you can claim your confidence & sensitive charisma. BONUSES: @ A ticket to the LIVE Opening Ceremony to feel the power of community and intention (valued at $300) @ 5 binaural beat-mantra audios to help your subconscious let go of blocks & patterns (valued at $250) @ Full Version of Sincere Serenity - Forgiveness Program that allows you to transmute resentment into relief and deep emotional relaxation (valued at $500) @ Membership to a private FB group (valued at $100) @ A copy of the From the Blues to Bliss e-workbook (valued at $25) @ Your unique set of Symbols of Self-Love - magical symbols to easily yet effectively imbue yourself and your environment with high frequencies of love & empowerment (valued at $150) EARLY BIRD BONUS: The first three participants, who pay in full, will receive a FREE personal 1:1 coaching session (valued at $500) with me to remove major blocks that keep you from trusting yourself. I will tune in to your unique situation and energy field and then choose the perfect combination of AFT (Akashic Field Therapy) or BBP (Blissful Blueprint Program) to clear patterns and coach you through whatever is holding you back from being the best, most blissful version of yourself, so you can get the most of this course. TOTAL BONUS VALUE POSSIBLE: $1,325 (for the first three participants only!) When does it start? SEA will start on Monday, February 15, 2021. This is when you will get access to the first week’s content. Every Monday, new content will be released for you to access for 10 whole weeks.
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