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Spiritual Guidance Readings

Spiritual Guidance Readings £5 -- Delivered by email By applying the Principles of the Spiritual Laws to difficult situations we were able to turn feelings of anger, frustration and negativity into peace and fulfillment, not just for us, but for all involved. We are not psychic but acknowledge that all are Body, Mind and Spirit and can access higher levels of awareness for guidance and direction. We are experienced in many therapies including Stress Management, Angel Therapy and are Reiki Masters. We have written three books on Spirituality and produced card sets derived from these. We are experienced therapists, healers and teachers with a specialism in Stress Management. We are not Life Coaches, Counsellors or Psychics: our purpose is to help others find their own solutions and to grow spiritually. We offer guidance, which is not a quick fix, enabling you to discover Inner Truths leading to Spiritual Growth and Awareness, resulting in Enlightenment and Empowerment. We suggest ways in which you can implement new approaches to bring better outcomes, finding your true purpose and creating a more meaningful life. We use Reiki energy along with our own Living the Spiritual Law Cards and Doreen Virtue’s Archangel Cards to assist you to take a Spiritual Approach to a particular difficult situation. To purchase please visit our website page, https://, where you will find more details.
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VISIT WEBSITE 07789420034 (Andrew or Helen)

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