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Rose Reiki Attunement Via Zoom

This beautiful Reiki energy embodies the Divine Feminine Ray of the Rose. It is held and overlit by the Sisterhood of the Rose and the Divine Feminine Archetype as embodied by Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Quan Yin, Aphrodite and Isis. It is especially useful whenever a boost of self love, self esteem and rose radiance is needed. It helps to remind the recipient of their inner beauty. The delicate Rose energy is wonderful for womb radiance and womb blessings - basically for everything feminine when the Divine Feminine ray is needed in the purest of forms. The Rose Reiki carries the beauty of the delicate Rose fragrance. It is the perfect healing energy to balance and harmonise the feminine energies in ourselves and the planet. In this 3 hour session on Zoom (break is included in this time) you will receive~ Explanation of Rose Reiki and how to use it Attunement to Rose Reiki Details of how to pass on the Attunement Setting up space for a class Short healing Practice Manual Rose Reiki Certificate of Attunement You will receive a pdf of the manual plus a pdf of your certificate. You will also receive the recording of the whole session. Once you have received your attunement, you are empowered to pass this wonderful healing on and attune others. The class provides all that you need! Energy Exchange: Group Zoom € 77 One to One Zoom may be requested €99 Time Zone is GMT+1 (UK) 2pm to 5pm EET (Nicosia/Athens) 4pm to 7pm When payment is received you will receive your manual to study before the class to enable you to prepare for the day. You will receive a Zoom link by email. If you have never used Zoom before, please ensure you have downloaded it at least an hour before the start of the class. This class is also available via Home Study. Please see booking link for all details This course is run by Susanne Rudd, an experienced Master Teacher in a wide variety of modalities. Contact Susanne call 00357 97648218 (whatsapp)
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VISIT WEBSITE 00357 97648218 (Susanne Rudd)

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