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Manifestation Through the Chakras – 7 week online course

Manifestation Through the Chakras – 7 week online course
This is an ONLINE COURSE that takes place over 7 weeks - it is live, although it is also recorded - so wherever you are in the world,k you can attend either live or in your own time. Everything is energy - you, your emotions, your thoughts, your beliefs and the ways in which you live your life. The most effective way to change your outer world is to change your energy. This course helps you to bring awareness to common patterns that you may be acting out through your energy field. Once you have awareness you can take action. The chakras are energy centres that synthesise subtle energy into the physical body, and so have a great bearing on the reality you make manifest. The chakras can also be likened to computer databases as they store all of your old patterns and reflect your beliefs, thoughts and emotional responses. That's fine when your patterns are in line with your conscious desires, however when they are old "stuff", ancestral "stuff", archetypal "stuff" and all below the level of conscious awareness and definitely not in line with your conscious plan, then change needs to happen! Each week we will work through a different chakra, talking about it, raising awareness of both the potential and the potential problems in that area, and helping you to understand its influence in and on your life. We will also do practical exercises each week to help you balance and change the energy of that chakra, clearing some of the past patterns and aligning to the patterns that you want to create for your reality from now on. Book your place on the button below!
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DougBuckingham - Hello, I'm Doug and I am passionate about how we can create our lives from the inside out and in general the world of energy medicine.

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