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How To Get What You Want From Life

How To Get What You Want From Life
Class leader Erick Henderson has been working with subtle energy for over 30 years. He is a successful Crystal Healer and workshop facilitator and has a wide knowledge of Energy Healing. He incorporates elements from Meditation, Reiki, NLP, Kinesiology and Pranic Healing into his classes. cost £75 click here to book What you will learn Develop Your Prosperity Consciousness As you move through the rest of your life you will attract more and more opportunities, lucky breaks and happy coincidences. You start to see new, creative solutions. Slowly at first, the more these happen the stronger your new beliefs and the more you attract successful outcomes. After a while it becomes automatic. Prosperity and abundance become normal and you will start to wonder why people choose to experience anything else ! Change your Mind, Change your life ! Identify and change your subconscious beliefs. Life works like a mirror. If you believe in lack you will experience it. Many ‘negative’ beliefs were learned in early childhood. By adopting a new, conscious way of looking at things you can choose what you experience next. The future does not need to be a repeat of the past ! Make Life Your Servant, not Your Master How to stop fighting and let life work for you. How to remove energy blocks and let the creative power of the Universe flow through you. Learn how to choose what life brings to you. The Prosperity Toolkit By the end of the day you will have a set of ‘tools’ that you can take home and use to continue to co-create your life just as you want it. You will learn about Affirmations, Vision Boards, Crystals, Orgonite, Law of Attraction and the ‘Magickal Inner child’ and more on this one day class. No previous experience needed.
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VISIT WEBSITE 07990874699 (Erick Henderson)

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