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Lighthouse Holistic Festival 2020

Lighthouse Holistic Festival 2020
* Around 100 exhibitors * £10 Entrance Under 14’s Free * Around 52 talks and workshops included in entrance fee * Online advance booking savings * Children’s Programme * Saturday Evening Show * Celebrate our 7th year at Lighthouse with us! It’s the perfect kind of weekend to come on in from the cold, and be surrounded by the welcome and warmth of some amazing sights, sounds and experiences! We want to thank each and everyone who make it such a wonderful gathering – Visitors, Exhibitors, Lighthouse, Family, Friends and Crew. Without you, it wouldn’t be the show it has grown to be. Come and say hi and experience the magic!
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VISIT WEBSITE 01736 366579
Elaine Fenton
Elaine Fenton - Motivational Mentor for Personal and Spiritual Development, Festival Organiser, and Writer

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