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Balance Your Hormones with Kundalini Yoga - a workshop for women

The teachings of kundalini yoga acknowledge women as pure channels of the divine. When we’re operating at our highest capacity, in total balance and completely centred within ourselves, we intuitively understand the depth of our immense creative power. But the moment our hormones shift off centre, something they are wont to do, our focus and confidence wobbles and all our resolve, esteem and steadiness come crashing down. In this workshop, we practice the kriyas and meditations that bring the hormones into balance, focusing on activating and balancing the pituitary master gland. These practices have a range of benefits, including clearer, more neutral thinking and less reactive behavioural patterns. This workshop is for everyone, regardless of level or ability. All you need to practise is an open mind and willing spirit. You may find some of the movements challenging but always worth your best efforts. There will be chairs available for those who find it uncomfortable sitting on the floor/yoga mat for extended periods of time. Please wear comfy clothes appropriate for movement.
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College of Psychic Studies
College of Psychic Studies - The College was founded in 1884 by a group of eminent scholars and scientists. Its purpose was to facilitate formal investigation into the psychic and mediumistic phenomena that were such a topic of debate in the Victorian era. With great courage, this group of distinguished people, some notable in science, others from within the ranks of the Anglican clergy, defied the prevailing canons of respectability in order to proclaim to a world of increasing materialism that human personality survives bodily death and that this is capable of demonstration.

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