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Usui Reiki 1 Training Course

Usui Reiki 1 Training Course
This FULL 1-day course is for anyone at the start of their spiritual or Healing journey or if you have been on it for some time. You do not have to be practising Reiki Healing to do this course; however, it will allow you the opportunity to heal yourself, family, pets and plants; if you wish and you will learn to channel Reiki Energy through your hands. You will learn how to heal yourself plus carry out Reiki Healing in a chair and on a Healing Bed. This course has been developed to give a solid foundation of Reiki and to allow you to practice Reiki Healing safely and effectively. This Reiki Level 1 course includes 2 attunements to aid raising your vibration; increasing both your spiritual and universal awareness and awaken or strengthen your Healing gift. Course Outline and Key Contents: I will teach traditional Usui Reiki from a Japanese lineage; this it to ensure the Reiki Training remains as true as possible to the methods and essence of Mikao Usui’s teaching. The day will include: - Background, History and learning about this Traditional Healing - Learn the Principles of Reiki Healing - Basics about our Body, Energy, Chakras & Meridians - 2 x Traditional Reiki Attunements - How to connect and channel energy - Learn exercises to ensure you stay protected and grounded - How to benefit from daily energy exercises and self-healing treatments - Learn the Hand Positions (for Self and Healing others) plus how to use Reiki on other people - Ways to enhance your Healing (increase power and receive guidance) - Practical Hands on Reiki Healing - Reiki 1 Manual & Certification Cost: £100 (includes Reiki 1 Training Course Manual plus hot drinks) (See website for T&C's)
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