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Universal WhiteTime Wellbeing Event

It is with great pleasure that you are invited to attend a day spent in attaining spiritual growth, healing, the release of old energies that no longer serve you, also of friendship and a none judgmental environment to enjoy all of this in. Working with Universal White Time Healing, we have put together a day filled with Love, Light & blessings, a day to open you up to higher spiritual knowledge, to help release stuck energy that can be holding you back, to be a part of a group of like minded people who will have the opportunity to explore within ourselves, (which is where our answers lay) and to spend some time in an environment where it is safe to be yourself. We will on this day endeavor for each of us to learn something new, have fun, take part in spiritual openings/ceremonies/guided meditations, and more. White Time is a very powerful but gentle force to work with and a divine energy. 10.00am -4.00pm £30 per person which includes all refreshments and light lunch.
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VISIT WEBSITE 1704871500 (Karen Gordon)

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