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MEDITATION GROUP Fortnightly on Tuesdays and Thursdays 7.30pm to 9pm

Group meditation - which simply means meditating in a group is an astonishingly powerful practice. BENEFITS of GROUP MEDITATION 1. Group meditation deeply connects you with others on an energetic and spiritual level, so you experience full liberation from the illusion of separation. 2. Group meditation amplifies the healing effect of meditation, so your mind, body, and soul heal faster. 3. Group meditation rejuvenates you by drawing on the group’s positive vibrations and harnessing them to elevate yours. 4. Group meditation bathes you in a collective energetic field of joy, love, and hope. 5. Group meditation melts away stress even more rapidly (and keeps you stress-free longer). 6. Group meditation amplifies your intentions, allowing your group to create positive change in each other and your surroundings (there is even scientific proof to back this up). If you are struggling with meditation, or feel isolated or disconnected then come join like minded people at my regular meditation groups held locally and try for yourself and see what benefits you feel from group meditations. Groups are held fortnightly in a small group size. For more information, please contact me. Tel : 07365 101368 or email me: [email protected] PRICE £10 per session or £50 for 6 sessions
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Inspiring Support
Inspiring Support - I aim to inspire and heal those who are in pain be it physical pain, emotional pain or who need help and direction. I offer intuitive healing, coaching, psychic readings and facilitate entertaining practical courses to empower those on their journey in life.

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