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Transformational Regression Training - Module 1

This course is part of the Cara – the Centre for Transformational Learning – Accredited Hypnosis and Regression Training Programme. The training offers an in-depth look into Regression (past and current life), a wide variety of transformation and integration techniques and how to work with it effectively and safely with clients. It also offers all participants a “Journey of the Soul” as all will be able to work with their own life challenges during the course of this training, and thus make significant positive changes to their current life. We are taking registrations for the next cycle of training starting in June 2019 Dates and Schedule Course duration: 3 x 5 day modules in person + 4 x onlines modules via webinar Dates: TRT 1 – Weds 19th-Sunday 23rd June 2019 TRT 2 – Weds 9th – 13th October 2019 TRT 3 – Weds 19th – Sun 23rd Feb 2020 The times are 9 AM to 6 PM each day This Regression Training is led by Doug Buckingham who is the principal Hypnosis and Regression trainer for Cara. He has initiated Hypnosis/Regression/Life between Lives training programmes in Mexico and South Africa and taught workshops in several parts of the world and it is supervised by Barbara Minard who is the co-trainer for Cara in England. As well as being an excellent supervisor, Barbara has a long-established and very successful private practice as a counsellor, hypnotherapist and regression therapist. This Regression Training consists of 3 x 5 day workshops over the course of 6-9 months plus online training webinars including the following: Content of the Training * 120 hours of tutor led time. 3 x 5-day workshops which are a mix of theory, live demonstrations, practical exercises in small groups, and interactive session reviews and discussions * 10 hours of supervision online including live online webinars * 100+ hours of pre-course reading, theory and preparation. * 120+ hours of case study supervision working with volunteer clients including session preparation, session delivery and reflection. * 150 hours of interim and post-course reading and research Training will include: * Understanding the history, theories and phenomena of regression * Client information gathering before and at the start of the session * Client interviews, building client rapport & managing expectations * Exploring Past Lives using hypnosis and guided imagery * How to guide clients through past life experiences * Identifying and overcoming clients’ subconscious resistance patterns and blocks * Transformation of unfinished business from past lives * Re-integration of fragmented Soul energy * Integration of past life transformation into current life * Energy Management for therapists * Spirit Release – Detection and Release * Non-hypnotic techniques to use client cues for past life entry * Connecting clients to the source of their issues * Managing catharsis & loss of energy experiences * Working with clients to release frozen body memories using body therapy, psychodrama & other techniques * Current Life Regression & Transformation * Inner Child Regression and Integration * Working with Trauma & Disassociation * Ancestral Healing * Psychopathology and its relevance to clients and therapy * Regression ethics, client contra indicators, safe practice & current legislation * Working with measurable symptoms * Energy management techniques for grounding/protection * Knowledge of working with clients at this level & when to refer on * Client record keeping and ongoing CPD * Practice set-up and planning, insurance, professional fees FULL COURSE BROCHURE AVAILABLE ON REQUEST How to apply: The training is suitable for anyone with a strong passion and/or curiosity for this area, either for those without prior knowledge of other therapies, or experienced therapists and professionals who would like to add regression training to their skillset, whether it be for personal development or as part of a greater plan to help others using the skills learnt in this training. All participant applications are to be made using the designated Registration Form, and places on the training will be confirmed, only once the application has been accepted and a deposit received. *All applicants must have a hypnosis certificate qualification in place or can enrol on our own Hypnosis training course.* YOUR INVESTMENT: Cost: £650 for modules 1 & 2 and £700 for module 3 - each payable in Advance A deposit of £150 secures your place on the course Payment for each module needs to be place one month before the start Unless Total course cost £2000 If paid in full before the start of training: £1900
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