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The 7 Secrets of The Beehive

The 7 Secrets of The Beehive
Yvonne Matthews is an Apitherapist and Apiculturist and her award winning company Vonnybee celebrates 12 years in business. She is a Biodynamic Beekeeper working with the energies and natural rhythms of nature. We will open our session with a meditation that is a recording of Vonnybee’s own Bees from the Garden. We will look at why Biodynamic Beekeeping works and how the products from the Bees assist us in elevating our levels of consciousness. Come along and let Yvonne share with you the wonder of the Beehive; an amazing kingdom where love and honey are the currency. I promise you will never look at a Bee without a sense of awe and gratitude again. Join Yvonne Sunday October 13th for The 7 Secrets of the Beehive Just 1 of the 32 free talks & workshop at the 48th Mansfield Mind, Body, Spirit Show/ October 12th / 13th 2019
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