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All Night Gong Bath

All Night Gong Bath
Would you like to immerse yourself in one of the most powerful healing experiences? If, like me, you have completely fallen in love with gong, allow me to introduce you to Gong Pujas. In simple terms, this means a whole night of uninterrupted sound and vibration whilst you sleep. By receiving multiple consecutive gong baths you will enter a deep state of consciousness allowing you to relax and release blockages, and heal on multiple levels. During the night you may choose to sleep or meditate but most importantly you must be silent. Once the Gong Puja begins you will need to stay quiet for the duration. Attending a Gong Puja is a very unique and liberating experience, its effects can be felt for a number of days afterwards. If you are feeling lost/stuck or in need of considerable healing, this would be the perfect event for you. For more information please contact Kalie Jade: Email: [email protected]
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VISIT WEBSITE 07703798256 (Kalie Jade)
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