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Sacred Earth Healing Circle & New Earth Energies

We gather in the heart of Avebury once a month, and warmly invite all those whose hearts call to this sacred service. We have entered into a historical period on the earth plane where many are feeling the New Earth coming into view and we walk with one foot in this finer earth realm and one foot in the 3D. There are various probabilities for our timeline yet, it can be said with certainty that during this transitional period energies are being stretched to their limits and old systems are breaking down. And the earth’s present eco-systems are under great stress. The prompt to gather together heart to heart, in Avebury, for this service has come from Source in support of Goddess Mother Earth, her blessed Kingdoms and humanity. And we warmly welcome all whose heart feels called to join with us in Avebury. If you would like to join with us energetically that would also be deeply appreciated; let us know and we can keep you updated. We are involved in energy work, entering into coherent as well as harmonic resonance with the vast fields of intelligence that include the whales, the tree councils; be guided by Source, Angelic realms, Ancestors, elementals and more. We are in service with a vast company from the light realms that includes our Lemurian family, supported by the Sacred healing flames and crystalline grid as we ground the New Earth energies to transmute, heal and transform discordant energies and all of a lesser vibration than purest love. Grounding is the key note for this coming year! This year has been hailed as one where the planet will experience extremes around water, flooding as well as a lack of water in certain parts. And we have already seen the evidence of this, with flooding in many countries as well as drought. We are working with the helpers of each element and particular of water. The extreme weather we are seeing around the globe is in large part a deep cleansing and re-balancing on mother earth. It is a journey of profound love, where we too can receive blessings a thousand-fold as we amplify the light, helping to usher in the New Earth; feel supported in our own blessed journey through drawing on the restorative, transmuting and balancing energies; connect to Higher Self, I AM Presence, and ancestors and learn about and attune to our multidimensional community as well as receive their messages. Ankara will be holding the space for us. She was part of the national Earth Healing Network in the early 90’s that were guided by Archangel Gabriel and star family from Arcturus. And has since been working with a dedicated International group of planetary healers, that have also traveled through many countries and continents guided by the Ascended realms. Please let us know if you hope to join us. Just leave a brief message at: [email protected] Deep thanks Abundance exchange by donation of £8.50 You are invited to bring a treasured crystal and water
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Ankara .
Ankara . - Ascension mentor, Channel for the Lemurian community of Light, Ascended Masters & tree councils; Earth Healer, Sound Healer and artist

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