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New Lemuria Calling & Sacred Healing Flames with ANKARA

Be prepared for the magical, the profound, the healing... "I met you for the first time at No 4 in Marlborough last Wednesday and experienced your healing meditation working with the Sacred Blue Flame. I have been meditating, healing and working spiritually for the last 20 years and I have never experienced such a life changing healing. Since then the synchronicity in my life has been verging on miraculous. I now feel totally at peace and able to flow with life easily and fluidly" Jonathan, Psychotherapist If you heart calls you to this sacred offering we hope you can be there! And we are making it as accessible as possible. At just £30 for the whole day, or £10 for the morning gathering. Booking is simple, just leave a brief message to say you intend to be there, or ask a question: [email protected] We will hear the pearls of wisdom from our Lemurian family of light that have been calling to us as their own beloved for we share a common heritage! Their words are as crystal cups that amplify love and peace..... Be prepared for a magical and deeply healing experience as we journey to the Sacred Flame Temples where you have the opportunity to attune to and receive the many blessings from the Elohim, Archangels and Ascended masters of the Sacred Flames, such as Hercules and Amazonia, Michael and Faith and Master El Morya of the Blue Flame of Divine Will. You will learn about the associated chakras and much more. Looking forward to seeing you there, heart to heart ... And a follow-up sacred offering is coming your way on the 9th June same venue and same time: The Heart of Lemuria, Sacred Healing Flames inner journeying & Ascension Ceremony with ANKARA
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Ankara .
Ankara . - Ascension mentor, Channel for the Lemurian community of Light, Ascended Masters & tree councils; Earth Healer, Sound Healer and artist

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