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Positive Leaps to Universal Living - Friday 22-Tuesday 26th February

Positive Leaps to Universal Living - Friday 22-Tuesday 26th February
Live the Golden Dream Friday 22-Tuesday 26th February Step out of sinking sands and live life ahead of the crowds : Positive leaps, New directions in 5-days of transformation, all inspiring Universal Living for 2019. This workshop changes lives: enhances, liberates and transforms with education and gives answers to blow your mind! Does lifeAre you struggling with life? Emotionally and mentally living under-par? Living influences from Trans-generational transference picking up on others emotions etc., feeling insecure and anxious? Do you live adverse results from childhood and traumatic experiences? Are you spiritually stuck? Find out why, how, and learn tools to prevent and avoid. Jettison anxiety, struggle and embrace new directions with self-help, amazing daily realignment, improved system function. Find out what formation brain patterns are over veiling and controlling and defaulting, keeping ground-hog-day living to greater proportions ? Learn the rules, pitfalls and how to get ahead in of the game of life…. Align body and mind in the process upshift to embrace Universal Living. A very different approach to education, 'wise up' information and gives answers to emotional, spiritual, physical and psychological issues. (Read more in Joys latest book – ‘Mirror Image’ – Facts and Solutions to IGTA and transference.) Excellence in training paves the way to New directions in prevention, avoidance and keeping ahead of the game, swerving the hard ball of legacies and conditioning! Correcting IGTA with daily remodelling and influence elimination…. Revealing the REAL you to live new directions with leaps of positive realisations and new understanding to live by. Dove tails D.A.R.E Induction Therapy, personal transformational programme for Universal Living Live the Golden Dream, CHANGE YOUR LIFE AROUND with New direction - a positive leap with effective solutions. Read more:,-live-the-golden-dream.html Joy Wisdom
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