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New Directions-Radical Mental Health Solutions

New Directions-Radical Mental Health Solutions
New concepts for Mental and Emotional Health issues that work effectively Jettison Mental and Emotional issues with D.A.R.E 15 days : Induction Training 5-days: 22-26th February 2019 Receive a £100 discount voucher off D.A.R.E Foundation training: D.A.R.E Foundation 1&2: 8-11th March, & 29th March-1st April 2019 A&E: 2-day : TBC June 2019 See website for additional D.A.R.E practitioner training dates in Belfast, Cheltenham and Edinburgh Make 2019 a year of change - Gone are the days of constant talking about a problem Gone are the days of continued hurt and repeating emotions: No drugs - No waiting list Jettison Mental and Emotional issues with D.A.R.E Dissolve and Resolve Emotions (D.A.R.E) an advanced cutting edge training used for health disorders emotional and psychological issues: A radical combination approach with a blend of clinical, energetic and holistic approaches. We are more than Physical and influences include adverse trauma experiences from life and womb formation: D.A.R.E Finds core issues: No drugs: Not Hypnotherapy: New concepts for issues such as: Anxiety; Trauma; Behaviour issues: ADHD: Depression: Stress: Adverse traumatic events: Birth trauma: Trans-generational influences and conditioning: Addiction: Mood swings: PTS:PND:OCD: Grief and sadness plus much more. Learn new advanced skills enabling fast track efficient outcomes with this radical approach. LiGHt years ahead of Louise Hay and Brandon Bays Journey work. Body-Mind-Emotion Intuitive Practitioners Advanced fast and effective specialist Therapy: Induction to Master class Make a difference for your clients: Become a D.A.R.E foundation practitioner within 6 months (case studies apply). CPD approved. No previous experience necessary: Book early to reserve place: Founder: Joy Wisdom : Awarded Excellence in Therapy Health Training 2019: Awarded Therapist of the year 2018 and Inspirational Woman 2015 :
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VISIT WEBSITE 07951283495 (Joy Wisdom)

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