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Power of 3

Power of 3
Power of 3 The most amazing support programme and Healing package… receive the rebirth of the HeARt over 8-days training. Opening the Tri-HeARt centre. Receive a spark of ‘Yin energy’ living from Solar chakras and guided by Quan Yin and Divine Feminine. 1. Foundation 2-day ONE LOVE – Diamond Inguz Light Healing – Sacred HeARt opening and Solar Chakra living to 14th Chakra. 2. Intermediate : 3 -day Opalescence – Cosmic HeARt Opening and UNITY Consciousness : 20th Chakra connection and alignment. 3. OMNI Heart Opening 3-day – Everything and Everywhere – Receive Bliss and pathways to Galactic Consciousness : 30th chakra awakening Achieve the full rebirth of the HeARt and Soul connection over 9 months: Live above the parapet A complete support package that helps to keep us out of sea saw of emotions: No previous experience is required. This is not a remote programme. Attendance is required to receive the full quotient of ONE LOVE. Joy suggests a 3-month break between 1-3 levels of training to integrate changes on a physical level. ‘I am amazed how DILH has changed my life and life around me in a considerably short space of time’ Helen. I realised I have always absorbed other people’s emotions and taken on their pain, leaving me feeling drained and bewildered, not knowing what was wrong with me. Having DILH has given me the ability to stand back, see and feel what is happening without taking on the impact personally. DILH has allowed me to be less sensitive to others and I feel more in control of me than ever before! It is noticeable how others around me have changed too’… Susan Foundation dates: Tutor: Katie Hewson 2-3rd February : Kinross Scotland :Tutor: Lyz Scanlon: 2-3rd February, Cheltenham Founder Joy Wisdom: 23-24th March, Queens Hotel Leeds Book early to avoid disappointment See website for further details, alternative foundation and intermediate dates 2019 :



VISIT WEBSITE 07951283495 (Joy Wisdom)

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