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Qigong for Health and Happiness

A Weekend Qigong Workshop in Derby, 3-4 November. This Qigong course teaches you real energy skills in how to overcome the difficult things that lead to illness, lack of energy, stress, pain and depression. We teach genuine Qigong, which isn't just a physical exercise or a relaxing practice. It's an energy practice that changes people's lives. Even experienced practitioners and therapists are amazed at what they learn and take away from our workshops. Learn the skill of generating and controlling a flow of energy. We teach in a way that every student gets a direct experience of energy flowing. You’ll leave with a 15-minute daily practice so you can confidently continue to practice at home. The qigong you’ll learn at this workshop clears illness, increases energy and resilience, and strengthens the mind and spirit. It becomes easier to deal with the stresses and difficulties of life. The course will be taught by Sifu Tim Franklin and Sifu Barry Smale, who have been taught by Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit. For more info email [email protected]
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Fully Alive
Fully Alive - Fully Alive teach Chi Kung, Tai Chi Chuan, Mind Training and Energy Skills

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