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From Golden Atlantis to the New Golden Age

This three day Golden Atlantis retreat comprises of two workshops, 2days followed by a 3rd day for those who wish to deeply connect with the ancient wisdom. The whole retreat is packed with visualisations and practical activities that will help you to activate your knowledge and gifts which have long been waiting to be restored. Returning the Wisdom of Golden Atlantis In this 2 day workshop we will Open the door to love and light from Golden Atlantis. This workshop is for those who want to learn about Golden Atlantis and how to take that golden lifestyle into their everyday life now. Have fun with the Angels of Atlantis, Dragons, Unicorns and Crystals, work with Aphrodite, High priestess in the Temple of Love to open your heart and life to unconditional love, and start to activate your golden legacy. DATE 22 & 23 October 2018 TIME 9.30am to 1.30pm daily Energy Exchange 110 euros* Activate the Golden Heart of Atlantis This one day workshop is for those who already are familiar with Golden Atlantis and have some knowledge on the spiritual path, or who want to continue from the first workshop. During this workshop we will work with high priests and priestesses of Golden Atlantis, clear your energy with Golden Dragons, visit Golden Atlantis to connect with the Crystal skulls and meet the Angels, Dragons and Unicorns you knew a long time ago. The retreat will finish with a Full Moon ceremony during the evening. DATE 24 October 2018 TIME 9.30am to 1.30pm Plus evening ceremony, time to be confirmed Energy exchange for the whole 3 days 150euros* *Energy exchange is for the workshops only. Food, travel and accomodation are the responsibility of the participants* Facilitators are Susanne Rudd and Ulla Niskanen, experienced spiritual teachers with memories of lifetimes in Atlantis. Contact [email protected] for booking.
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