Explore Past Lives

Explore Past Lives
You might find attending this workshop highly beneficial if you have curiosity about the area in general, if you are curious about the benefits of 1-2-1 therapy, and also if you are considering training in this area in the future. You can find out more about Transformational Regression on other pages in this site. Looking at and gaining a bigger perspective on our past lives can helps us to change these old patterns at the source of the problem, thus freeing us and allow us to experience positive changes in the here and now of the current life. That’s what past life work is all about. During this workshop we focus on the positive aspect of past lives in this group session and use the endless potential of our own consciousness to help bring change to the here and now. Content includes At least one Group Regression 1:1 Past Life Regression Demonstration (with volunteer) Informative discussion on All things regression with a regression expert Your questions answered Practical Intuition Exercises



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