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Next step of the blessed journey to personal Ascension & New Earth sacred Ceremony

This is a day when we will be working with the lady masters that profoundly hold and represent the divine feminine energies: Lady Quan Yin, Mother Mary, Lady Nada, Pallas Athena & Archangel Michael as well as star family. You will have the opportunity for deep attunement to these guardians of the higher frequency portals and to have revealed and activated the higher frequency chakras, beyond the seven major centres. Once activated you will continue to have access to these sacred portals of light, to embody their powerful attributes, live with greater ease and grace and be more profoundly connected to your I AM Presence, to propel you to your personal Ascension. This truly is a sacred gift to yourself! -In addition there will be an afternoon interlude with live soulful music and invitation to participate in a sacred New Earth ceremony, not to be missed! Facilitated by Ankara With 40 years experience as meditation teacher, international speaker, earth healer and Ascension guide, she gave the first in depth presentation about the chakras at the Mind, Body & Spirit Festival at Olympia, London where the first festivals were held. “Bliss, beauty and abundance and answers to questions my inner being has had the patience to wait for” Pauline, Oct 17 Booking is essential, places are limited. Please email [email protected] Investment: -Early bird by 14th April: £110 Concessions £55 -Full investment fee: after 14th April: £150.00 -Concessions £75 There will be light snacks and beverages. What to bring with you: -It is suggested you bring along a packed lunch, and if you would like to lay down please bring along i.e. yoga mat and light blanket. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!
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Ankara .
Ankara . - Ascension mentor, Channel for the Lemurian community of Light, Ascended Masters & tree councils; Earth Healer, Sound Healer and artist

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