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Awakening! The Animal Communication Experience

Awakening! The Animal Communication Experience
A transformational animal communication day dedicated to deep connections with animals Animal communication is real and life changing. Right now, animals are urging us to reconnect with the skill our ancestors and indigenous peoples have practiced for centuries and to fulfill our potential as an inter-species ambassador. Have you ever felt your animal is trying to tell you something? Would you like to be able to understand their fears and desires? The animals are waiting for you. During this day of honouring animals, Pea Horsley will lead you in re-Membering the pathways of compassion and co-existence. You’ll discover how to recognise animals for who they are instead of what they are, and how to bring animal communication into your day-to-day life. Pea’s grounded approach and gentle sense of humour makes her workshop space a fun, relaxed and positive setting to awaken the animal communicator within. You’ll be guided to: Enter the unconditional love frequency of the heart to experience intuitive two-way conversations with other species. Awaken your higher consciousness with gentle communications with visiting guest animal-teachers. Tap into your Super Power to enhance your relationships with your own animals and the Animal Kingdom. Learn how to: Locate your Still-Point. Harness the 5 Modes of Animal Communication. Quiet your mind and listen to animals with your heart. Communicate with visiting animal guest-teachers. Swap communications with fellow participant’s animals via photographs of them. What to expect: The 5 common challenges in Animal Communication and how to overcome them. Inspiring access into the sentience and wisdom of animals. Join like-minded animal lovers with a common mission to improve animal wellbeing. A powerful community closing ceremony to communicate an Animal Blessing of healing, love and respect to the planet’s co-inhabitant’s. Launch Celebration: Awakening! is also the book launch of 'Animal Communication Made Easy'. From: £75
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VISIT WEBSITE 020 8696 9121 (Pea Horsley)

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